Software features

Our main goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by being very attentive to the needs of their ever-changing business. With that in mind, we constantly adapt our own business so that it evolves with yours.

Because we know every hotel has its own procedures, we designed our software to be flexible enough to let you decide the way you interact with it, and not the opposite.

You will find a list of our major competitive advantages below:


  • Supports single, multiple room and group reservations
  • Unlimited number of room changes per reservation
  • Reservations can be amended at any time (add/remove room, extend/shorten stay, change price, add discount, etc.)
  • Allotment and quota management for agencies and partners
  • Planning is automatically optimized for maximum occupancy at all times
  • Support for multiple-nights packages

Billing & Accounting

  • Room charges and incidental fees are automatically transferred to selected accounts (guest, agency or group folios)
  • Variety of items can be configured for extra charges posting and sales recording (laundry, restaurant, in-room entertainment, etc.)
  • Track receivables for agencies as well as monthly commissions
  • Fully configurable chart of accounts

On-line reservations

  • Real-time Internet reservation system works out-of-the-box, as long as you have a working Internet connection
  • Entire planning can be put available on-line without the need for room blocking
  • Internet reservations are immediately available in your software, without user action
  • Your staff is notified as soon as a Web reservation is completed
  • Automatic on-line deposit payment with credit card, with flexible deposit rules
  • Commission-free service

Reporting & Analysis

  • Full set of daily statistical information reports such as occupancy, availability, in-house guests list and check in/out listings
  • Data analysis module allows you to build the reports to extract the statistics you really need to push your hotel business forward
  • Visual charts are used to analyze daily, weekly, monthly and year-to-date variations in sales, availability, occupancy, etc.
  • Most data can be exported to Microsoft® Office Excel® for further reporting...


  • Accounting data can be exported to your accounting software
  • Telephone system (PBX) integration for real-time phone call billing on guest folios


  • Define your own room types (with pictures) and organize rooms by groups and connecting rooms
  • Define your own pricing structure (by client type, room type, package and season)
  • Taxes can be configured for your local government’s policies
  • Get competitive advantage with promotions and discounts
  • Put your own logo in e-mails, invoices and on your on-line reservation system


  • System access is controlled by a username and password procedure
  • Block specific features to different roles/positions (housekeeping, managers, reservation clerks…). The exact permissions can be configured for your own needs.
  • Schedulable automated backups that can be sent to a secure storage location for increased security
  • All system operations, such as reservation and charge postings, are recorded, identified and easily accessible for control purpose

Technical information

  • Client/Server architecture
  • Only requirement for on-line reservation system is a permanent Internet connection
  • No complex network required : workstations automatically find their server on your network
  • Server and workstations run on Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Workstation computers can connect to server using your local area network or through a VPN connection

And much more...

What is listed here is only an overview of the features available in the software. To see all the features by yourself, simply download Innfluence and use it for 60-days at no charge.